A few more days to get our free ebook to know about the correct way to prevent and treat kidney failure

Protect yourself and your family from this common but silent disease

  • Written by Dr.Prashant C Dheerendra, an acknowledged expert on kidney failure
  • Emphasis on practical advice
  • Advice from prevention to treatment
  • Foreword by Dr.Vivek Jha, president elect of International Society of Nephrology and world renowned authority on kidney disease

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A few more days to get our free ebook to know about the correct way to prevent and treat kidney failure








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About the Author

Dr.Prashant C Dheerendra is the chief nephrologist of Dharma Kidney Care, a daycare center located in Jayanagar, Bangalore with focus on prevention and treatment of kidney failure. He trained in nephrology from the prestigious PGI, Chandigarh and has been granted fellowship by the International Society of Nephrology. The biggest(but also invisible) challenge that kidney failure patients face is the lack of awareness about the disease. This book is his effort to create awareness among all citizens about this disease.

Dr.Prashant C Dheerendra

What is covered in the ebook

The two risk factors which are present in almost every family that can lead to kidney failure


Simple measures that go a long way in preventing chronic kidney disease and failure


Step by step advice for people already diagnosed with chronic kidney disease


Kidney friendly diet advice


Praise for the book

Doctors, patients and caregivers from all over the world have appreciated the book. Here are a few opinions on the book.

Dr.Gokulnath, Senior Nephrologist, Apollo Hospitals

I will certainly recommend this book to my own CKD patients as a friendly guide on the path to better health.

This book is a simple and easy to understand guide on all aspects of kidney disease from prevention of chronic kidney disease to dialysis.

Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospitals

Dr.Pramod Guru, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, USA

Patients with kidney disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, families and caregivers, and even general practitioners will benefit from reading this book.

This book will be extremely useful for kidney patients and their caregivers. People are in need of vital information on how to live with the disease.

Ms.Vasundhara Raghavan, Patient Advocate, Author of "The Kidney Warriors"

"I wish I knew about kidney failure before it......"

This is a common feeling among patients and families affected by kidney failure. More than the disease, it is the lack of awareness and reliable information which is harmful. This book is written to address that gap. Also it is free of cost, because we believe there should no barriers between the public and life saving information.

Why this book was written ?

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